This page will contain every vendor I am aware of that provides some form of reproduction or original items for KuK Reenactment. Websites with Items Provided have a small enough catalogue for me to write out.

* As of January 2022, all vendor sites are up to date and active

Vendor Sites

Uniform and Apparel Vendors– Jarda Rekzac – My current M16 Universal Pattern Uniform is from Jarda. It was worth ever penny I spent on it. He is friendly and communicative and able to tailor many KuK items. Quality is unmatched. Items Provided: Various pieces; Complete Uniform Sets (Hechtgrau or Feldgrau, Tunics can come with custom Regimental Color and Rank Stars), Greatcoat (Hechtgrau or Feldgrau), Belt Buckles, Marksmanship Cords, Slings, Belts, and more. Fehrle – I have not bought any items from him directly, however, Bernd is very friendly and was helpful in answering some of my questions. I do not know the exact items he produces, but he does make Hechtgrau and Feldgrau Uniforms as well as their respective field caps. He also appears to make Greatcoats and various specialized items such an Officer’s Summer Karlbluse that can be seen in one of his galleries. If you are doing a Landwehr Impression, he is the only vendor I know of who makes reproduction Landwehr caps with the feather pockets. Due to his kindness in going back and forth with me, and his wide variety of unique uniforms, I highly recommend him. of Uniforms, headwear, and miscellaneous kit (Most variety of any site I’ve listed; Fez for Bosnian Troops, Officer Shakos and Kepi, Feldkappes, etc.) Accurate underpants and undershirt, wide variety of rank insignia. I have ordered from them but have yet to receive my package. I will update my thoughts once the items arrive. (Atelier Kaiser’s Closet!) – Reproduction Pelzrocks made in Canada. Have not heard much about them, but the options for getting Pelzrocks is limited. If you are in North America, definitely consider using Kaiser’s Closet. is not specific, although they have many pieces of AH gear on display. They claim they can tailor a repro uniform based on a photo of a relative, so if you have photos of a relative who served in the Landwehr, Honved, or KuK then this may be an interesting option to look into. – Reproduction store. Provides various periods. They have a small selection of Austro-Hungarian tunics, trousers, caps, and a Hechtgrau greatcoat. Prices appear reasonable and they were suggested by another user of the KuK Reenactors Facebook group. – Various uniforms (Most appear to be dress / early war), field gear, and misc. Have not used it and selection seems limited due to stock.

Web Gear, Boots, and Equipment Vendors – Extremely large variety of reproduction KuK items and equipment. Only place I know of which reproduction mess kits, shovels, helmets, and more are sold. For anything besides uniforms, if you have a good budget, this is your must inquire first stop. Chances are anything Jarda or Bernd can’t make for you, he can. goods like the 1910 Tornister, Ammo pouches, 1912 boots, leather gaiters, other misc. Along with kukreplika, this is the only other store I have found which sells high-quality tornisters! slings and other leather reproductions. Only place I’ve found for the Canteen carrier of the 1908 aluminum flask. Helmet cover for Sturmtruppen and grenade pouches; other various. Based in the USA and very skilled, I have received some of his work. He is very kind and was a pleasure to work with. – Reproduction store. Provides various periods. Their Austro-Hungarian selection mainly consists of leather items as well other field gear. Recommended by another user of the KuK Reenactors Facebook group. – Polish Historical reproduction site that does many periods. Their Austro-Hungarian selection is pretty large. Just a tip: Their reproduction bayonet and scabbard appears to be an original scabbard bundled with a poorly made reproduction bayonet. The scabbard I received was good, so I kept it and upgraded to a better quality bayonet later. Be somewhat cautious of NestOf, as I have heard a lot of mixed opinions about them, the quality of my items was satisfactory for me, but I am also new to reenacting. If you have the budget, consider looking to some of the high-quality specialized vendors.  Items Provided: Ammo pouches, bread bag, rucksack, belt, belt buckles, holsters for handguns, 1915 canteen carrier, puttees, Merit cross repro, bayonet + scabbard repro. quality boots for most branches. General Infantry, Mountain boots, etc. Have not used it, but they’re highly recommended from what I’ve heard. – Austro-Hungarian Infantry low boots M10. Other various historical reproductions. M10 Boots are his only KuK related item but their price is good so it is worth including.

Cap Badges, Rank Insignia, Decorations, and Misc Vendors Fruth Militaria – Lots of various militaria items from Austria and other nearby areas. All original. Great for finding medals and decorations. – KuK Aviator Militaria. Originals. Small selection. – Reproductions KuK Aviator / Air Corps Collar Tabs. Nothing else on this site is Austro-Hungarian related but this is the only source I’ve found for these collar tabs and I will likely do an aviator impression in the future so I found it useful. – Reproduction Cap Badges and other small items galore! If you need Kaiserschutzen Edelweiss pins, this is one of the few sites that I’ve found that provides them (for a great price too!). They have over 300+ reproductions in their Austro-Hungarian section so they are absolutely worth a look. – Original militaria store. Have found a few KuK related items on their site. – Embroidery and uniform accessories vendor from Austria. Collar tabs, shoulder clasps, rank insignia, and more. They provide a large wealth of services.

Auction / Item Listing sites – (Have seen some misc. high-price KuK artifacts on here) Good for finding Bleckmann 1915 E-Tools (Still tons of them in Bulgaria apparently) – Austrian Ebay. Tons of KuK related items and artifacts, most of which are original. Beware the high price tags.