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If you are interested in becoming a part of a growing network of Austro-Hungarian Reenactors, and have a focus on authentic kit and displays, KuKReenactment is for you. Keep in mind that this organization is focused on Living History Events (mainly timeline as there are not many WW1 focused events in the Eastern USA). If you are interested in tacticals, I recommend checking out KuK IR63. With that all said, if you are interested in joining, then please choose from one of the following (do what works best for you!):

  1. Fill out the PDF or Docx Version of the Sign-Up Form below and email it to
  2. Fill out the Contact Form at the bottom of the page, or message the KuKReenactment Facebook Group with the relevant information that appears on the Sign-Up Form below. This is just easier if you don’t want to deal with the formatting, just means I’ll have to do more record-keeping on my end.

If you need a free PDF editor to fill this out, I recommend this site: You can also print it out and scan it. The choice is up to you. You can also find the original word document below if you’d prefer to edit it that way.

Contact Form

This just sends an email straight to the admin email

If you have any questions about creating an impression to take part in our events, feel free to send an email here. Another option is checking out our “For Reenactors” section, which has the most extensive information available online for Austro-Hungarian impressions.