About Me

My Kaiserschutzen Impression February 6th, 2021. I climbed a nearby mountain for this photo. A lot to be desired from my kit.

Hello! Thank you for visiting KuKReenactment.net. Since this is also serving as my personal website where I can post my own reenactment photos, I figured I’d introduce myself just a little bit.

My name is Nathan Weisskopf and I am from Charlotte, North Carolina. I’ve been raised in the United States my entire life and I’ve always had an affinity for military history. Reenacting always seemed interesting to me, but I never had the heart (or the budget) to get involved in it. However, after meeting my girlfriend while she was doing a WW2 Polish North Africa Impression, she quickly planted the seeds to get me to reconsider.

Initially, I was planning on doing a German Empire impression, as it was my belief that my Great Grandfather, Paulus Hugo Weisskopf served in the German Army. However, after discovering a postcard of his, I quickly realized that he was in fact a part of the KuK. Thus began the snowball that led to me falling in love with this hobby and specific focus on studying the historic Dual Monarchy. (You can read about my Great Grandfather’s story that I’ve pieced together here)

I hope that you, dear reader, find something on this site that is useful to you, and if nothing else, you leave with new knowledge and stories.