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Nathan Weisskopf
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To preface this I'd like to explain how I built this site. This site was built on WordPress, which is an easy-to-use website builder that allows you to use prebuilt templates and plugins to create a site rather than having to do all the coding yourself. This is great in that it's easy for me to make a site that looks good, but it comes with drawbacks in that most everything that's free is a limited version of it's full potential. I have this site hosted for 4 years, so it isn't going anywhere, but I don't have the budget due to my own impression I'm working on to buy some of these new features. 

So I'm leaving this here as an option for you who like my work here or are feeling extremely kind. I want to stress this: This site will continue without donations. Donations are purely as either gratitude for my work, or for funding new premium features. Do not feel obligated to donate me anything. 

If you do donate, be sure to include either your name or username on this site so I can credit you in contributing towards this site. I'll also look into options to differentiate and make special your account profile here on these forums. Thank you all for your support of this site, and I hope it serves you all for many years to come. 


PayPal: nathanweisskopf6@gmail.com

Be sure to include a name or contact as well as what you'd like the money to be contributed towards. 

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